3 Easy Tips for Relocating to Pacific Palisades

3 Easy Tips for Relocating to Pacific Palisades

  • Claire O'Connor

There are so many incredible things about the Los Angeles area, especially the various neighborhoods full of character. One of the best neighborhoods in this area is the Pacific Palisades. A commercial hub for the affluent, it has boasted many beach and country clubs, including the Riviera Country Club, one of the oldest in the states, which hosted the PGA US-open. It was also known as an artist colony in the mid-1960s when Huntington Hartford bought 150 acres of land. The area's history is unique and remains prevalent today, despite this prominent area's continued growth and flourishing.
For an excellent reason, the Pacific Palisades area is one of LA's most beautiful and sought-after areas. Situated between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica mountains, there is so much natural beauty and wonder found here. Homes range from gorgeous mansions overlooking the ocean to architectural marvels that grace the mountainsides. Plenty of single-family houses sit on spacious lots that offer breathtaking views. Being closer to the Pacific Ocean means you'll be a bit cooler than in other areas, but that mild and sunny climate paired with the ocean breezes will make for beautiful afternoons on the patio. The multiple bluffs, beaches, canyons, and parks offer exceptional views, opportunities to hike and run, and plenty of weekend fun.
This city is well-known for the affluent professionals looking for a quiet retreat from the hustle of other LA neighborhoods. You can find this rich nature in the meticulously manicured lawns, large, expensive, and luxurious homes, plus the hub of high-end shopping and dining opportunities. The Village, or the "downtown" area, has plenty of boutiques, elegant restaurants, and coffee shops frequented by this affluent crowd.
Moving to this area will take some organizational skills, planning, decision-making, and a bit of strategy, but with a little help, you'll breeze through the process. If you're interested in moving to Pacific Palisades, here are three easy tips for relocating.

Find your neighborhood first

Several distinct neighborhoods make up this affluent area, each with unique vibes and characteristics. Before you move, research and determine which of those areas best suits you and your family. One thing to consider when choosing Pacific Palisades schools as the three elementary schools in the area is serviced based on your address.
One of the more popular areas is known as "Alphabet Streets." This residential area is primarily flat and within walking distance of The Village, making it the perfect option for younger families. These are mainly starter homes that begin at one million, but you'll find select homes that are larger and cost more.

Palisades Elementary School services this area.

To the South of Sunset, you'll find Via de la Paz Bluff homes and El Medio Bluff homes, which are mostly flat. Here you'll experience amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, gentle breezes, and a quiet escape. These homes offer a combination of small bungalows and custom homes with ocean views that range from $1.4 million to $4.5 million.

Both Palisades Elementary and Marquez Elementary service this area.

The Highlands is a newer area and sits in the hills above Sunset. This area is filled with families and celebrities with various gated streets full of custom two-story homes and estates, plus condominiums and townhouses. You'll find plenty of larger homes in the area and a starting price of $1.2 million, with the upper end being $6 million.

The Marquez Elementary School services these homes.

Marquez Knolls sits on the hill with views overlooking the ocean and plenty of mid-century homes that start at about one million.

This area is serviced by Marquez Elementary and nearby, so it's popular among young families.

The Riviera is one of the most exclusive areas and sits between San Remo and Amalfi Drive. The homes in this area are much larger and sit on more oversized lots, set back from the wide streets, offering a sense of privacy. The upper area features stunning views of both the city and mountains, plus it's home to Riviera Country Club and its annual golf classic.

The Canyon Elementary School services this area.

Rustic Canyon is one of the unique areas in Pacific Palisades. It sits under some of the most beautiful trees and features babbling brooks alongside rustic-style homes built around original ranches. An expensive area because of its exceptional privacy and serenity, you'll find a mixture of smaller homes and large lots on two or three acres. Tucked away South of Sunset, this area is convenient to Santa Monica.

Most of the area's homes are serviced by Canyon Elementary School.

Finally, you've got the Sunset Mesa and Pacific Views Estates, sitting next to the Getty Villa. Here you'll find the most exceptional beach and ocean views, and while it's technically in Malibu, it's a popular area for families. The streets are wide, and the homes range from one-story homes starting at $1.4 million to larger estates that start at $1.8 million.

Get to know the area

It's essential in any relocation to get to know the area that you'll be considering home. This area is particularly favorable for families, professionals, and entertainment industry professionals that want privacy and seclusion. The gorgeous scenery, vibrant downtown area, and sense of community the neighborhood exude all showcase some of the best traits Pacific Palisades offers. Learning about these first will help make an informed decision.
Consider that the addition of the Palisades Village has added plenty of specialty boutiques, exceptional cuisine options, and fun entertainment for your evenings and weekends. In addition to this walkable area, the Palisades features an abundance of parks, beaches, and trails for residents to appreciate. This location is an excellent choice if you're an avid fitness person or simply a love of the outdoors.

Plan and hire a moving company

It's evident that relocating to a new area takes a bit of time and effort, but that goes beyond doing your research on the location and finding a perfect house. Consider the idea of packing your home, setting up utilities, and enrolling children in schools. In addition, you have to pack your home and move your belongings.
You'll want to find a moving company to help, especially if you're moving a reasonable distance away, and Elite Moving and Storage can help with that. A company that is more than qualified to help pack and move your belongings will go a long way in easing the process and making it more straightforward. Plus, it gives you more time to enjoy your new home and get out in the neighborhood.

Find Pacific Palisades real estate

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