7 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

7 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

  • Claire O'Connor

They Understand the Market Are Understanding of the Market

One of the top qualities a real estate agent can have is knowing the market they’re in. As a real estate agent, this might seem like a given, but knowledge is evolving. The market is always changing, and a great real estate agent should stay on top of the market at all times.
More specifically, they should be an expert in the location they work in. For example, they should have in-depth knowledge of price points, if it's a seller, buyers, or balanced market, and so much more. This quality will help any buyer or seller navigate their process accurately and smoothly.
Up-to-date knowledge is essential to strategizing for buying or selling. Beyond understanding what the market is like, they should also know about the current listings and be able to send you suitable options if you’re looking to buy a home.

They Are Friendly and Professional

Real estate agents work with many different people, so good people skills are some of the best features a real estate agent can have for many reasons. In a direct way, if you are interacting with your agent, their friendliness will make your interactions a better experience, which will also translate to a smoother buying or selling process.
Beyond directly working with their client, this friendliness can go a long way with anyone else they are interacting with throughout the process. One example of this is if they are showing off your home for sale. They should be friendly to any potential buyers who walk through the door. You will have a much better chance of someone buying your home if they are treated with positivity and enthusiasm versus someone who is hard to interact with.
So if you’re meeting with a potential real estate agent, it’s good to ask yourself if you like their personality and think they would be easy to work with and get along with. They should be professional too, which will highlight in their engagements with you and others.

They Pay Attention to Detail

Attention to detail may seem like a more general skill, but it's a must-have quality for a real estate agent. This is needed for every individual client they work with, as no two clients or properties are entirely identical.
If you’re selling, they should instinctively pay attention to the uniqueness of your home and know how to best showcase and market it for sale. On the other hand, if you’re buying, they should pay attention to the details you’re looking for, and be able to find the best options that meet that criteria. It should never be a one size fits all approach, and a real estate agent that is willing to pay attention to the intricate details of each client will always get the best results.

They Have Good Connections

Connections go a long way in the real estate world. There are a lot of steps involved in both the buying and selling process, and in turn, that means various services are required along the way. A real estate agent can make these steps easier for their clients if they have connections that can help. For example, one of the best ways to set up your home for sale involves the home staging process. You might not know how to do this by yourself, but a good real estate agent would be able to refer you to a specialist. Likewise, if you need a home inspection, they should know someone to refer you to.
Having good connections is also a must when putting your home on sale. Having a broad market and the right relationships can be just the thing that finds you the perfect buyer. Therefore, having a wide network is an essential quality a real estate agent should have.

They Have The Experience

Another good quality a real estate agent can have is experience. This takes time to develop, but it's vital to showcase their work in the real estate industry. For someone who might be comparing and sourcing real estate agents, client testimonials will enhance previous real estate experience. These testimonials should talk about their personal experiences working with that real estate agent and can help you see what working with them might be like. In addition, looking through these reviews can give you an idea of their reputation, which is a good indicator of a great real estate agent.
Past transactions will also highlight their experience in the types of properties they already sold. By browsing through older deals, you can determine if that agent is a good fit for you.

They Are Experts in Negotiations Can Negotiate

Negotiation is one of the most crucial things that a real estate agent does. Being good at this is a skill that any great real estate agent should have and should be able to do well. Negotiation becomes very important as a home buyer or seller when you are getting ready to come up with a fair price and when offers are starting to come in. Your real estate agent should be able to work with the other party in order to get the client their best possible value, and something that is fair. This quality is one that will help you as a client on the financial side because they are willing to negotiate and advocate for you effectively to get you the top value possible.

They Are Always Available and Are Great Communicators

When working with an agent on buying or selling a home, they should be agent flexible and willing to be available as needed. They should also keep you updated regularly by communicating important information. Good communication is one of the top qualities a real estate agent should have. Selling or buying a home is a major decision so having someone you trust and helping you handle the process is vital.
Your real estate agent should advise you on updates and progress and what that means explicitly to you. Throughout the process, you will likely have many questions. They should be available to answer you and communicate with them in an easy-to-understand way. A good real estate agent should be open to listening to any concerns you might have. Transparency is crucial, and you should feel confident and comfortable without worrying about what might be going on behind the scenes without your knowledge.

Searching for a Great Real Estate Agent?

Now that you know some essential qualities to look for in a real estate agent, you may be ready to find one yourself. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Brentwood, Santa Monica houses for sale, or Pacific Palisades real estate agent that has all of these great qualities, get in touch with Claire O'Connor. 

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