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Designing Your Dream Home: Inspirations from Brentwood’s Architectural Marvels

Designing Your Dream Home: Inspirations from Brentwood’s Architectural Marvels

  • Claire O'Connor

If you’re looking for inspiration to design your next home, look no further than the architecture in Brentwood. One of the quieter communities in Los Angeles, Brentwood is home to many seeking a peaceful refuge from their busy day-to-day activities. The houses in Brentwood are nothing short of stunning, yet each is individual and unique. Let’s take a few pages from the architecture and design books of local architects who have helped plan the homes in this lovely area.

Architecture in Brentwood

In general, Brentwood homes have space. They are sprawling, with plenty of room for residents to roam, and they feel connected to their surroundings. They also tend to all feel connected to each other. Interestingly enough, the vibe of luxury Los Angeles living seems to have its heart beating in Brentwood.

When you think of the houses here, think of natural materials like wood and stone, mood lighting that enhances the sun and moon coming in from outside, and lots of green nature, both indoors and outdoors. To get more specific, let’s break down the elements most critical to Brentwood architecture and design.

Big windows

You will be hard-pressed to find a home in Brentwood that does not have large windows. Entire walls will have ceiling-to-floor glass that opens up to green spaces, multiple windows will appear on a single wall, and even skylights will allow the light in. Natural lighting is everything in this L.A. community, regardless of the specific style or structure of the home.

Tall ceilings

Vaulted ceilings bring more openness to already large spaces, and arches allow for those large spaces to feel cozier. Often, we see ceilings peak in an A-frame rather than simply being tall. Alternatively, architects may design multiple levels with staircases that break up large open spaces so there is room to breathe, but it doesn’t feel like a warehouse.

Seamless indoor-outdoor transitions

Eco-friendly architecture harkening back to Frank Lloyd Wright has become popular in home design, and Brentwood is at the forefront of that reclamation. With great interior design, more houses are creating seamless transitions from the indoors to the outdoors with large double glass doors that sweep across a floor that shifts into an outdoor patio. You’ll barely recognize that you’re moving through spaces.


Speaking of eco-friendly, it is essential to design your outdoor spaces as much as your indoor spaces, particularly if you’re going to have those seamless transitions. Homeowners in Brentwood are now including gardens, both indoors and outdoors, to revel in nature while at home. Well-designed, landscaped gardens make you feel like you’re living out and far from the hustle and bustle of the big city rather than just a short drive away.


Having space is crucial to designing the home of your dreams. An acre or more is ideal, so you can have gardens, a swimming pool, a yard for the kids to run in, and patios for entertaining. When purchasing a home to renovate, look for ample land, so you have plenty of options for expansion, pools, and even pool houses. If the recent global shutdown taught us anything, it is that we need our space at home.

Understated elegance

In terms of general vibes, modern architects in Brentwood look at understated elegance. Gone are the days of heavy fabrics, bulky furniture, and dark drapes. Minimalism and clean lines are the waves of the future, and the future is here. Today, we want selected art on the walls with plenty of blank space in between. We look for furniture that showcases the room it sits in, situated around a fireplace or an entertainment center. We aim for wide hallways and pathways that feel breezy and spacious. The key is to feel relaxed while enjoying your lush, beautiful surroundings.

Luxe naturalism

You’ve likely heard of naturalism — where we embrace nature in our homes. Luxe naturalism is an upscale version of this concept, where we elevate naturalism to the point of glamorizing it. We can create exotic gardens, allow an oversized plant to fill a large corner, and even create a plant wall with ivy dripping from a tall ceiling. We also bring natural materials into the home with light-colored woods like maple and stones or stones like marble and quartzite, which bring the outdoors inside. The more your indoor space feels like a luxurious version of clean nature, the more your home embraces the modern Brentwood aesthetic.

Architects to watch

Follow the most current architectural marvels in Brentwood and the surrounding neighborhoods by keeping an eye on today’s most raved-about architects in the area. These architects are helping shape the current landscape of upscale homes in elite Los Angeles communities.

ZU+ Studio had a heavy hand in designing the Brentwood compound belonging to real estate investor Kurt Rappaport. The firm helped renovate the French-style brick manor to bring it current and create an open, airy, sunny feel with natural elements inside and out.

Ricardo Legoretta designed the $52 million home owned by Hollywood director Joel Silver. With a four-acre property, the home has large rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and a sprawling layout with a circular atrium complete with a skylight.

Noah Walker recently designed one of the hottest properties in Brentwood, which was priced at $70 million. The essence of seamless indoor-outdoor transitions, the home sits on a four-acre lot and includes a long private drive that leads to the main house set on a hill overlooking open nature. The rooms, both inside and out, feel incredibly in touch with nature.

Ultimately, you can find inspiration from today’s local architects and the homes they had a hand in designing, all while bringing your own personal touch to your home. Brentwood has long been a source of joy for those in love with home design, and it will likely stay that way for generations to come. When you’re ready to find your dream home and start the process, reach out to real estate expert Claire O’Connor. Claire looks forward to helping you find a home that is suitable for your design vision.

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