Why Some People Sell Their Homes Quicker Than Others

Why Some People Sell Their Homes Quicker Than Others

  • Claire O'Connor

You may notice that some homes go under contract after only a few days or weeks on the market. What is it about these homes that set them apart from other Pacific Palisades homes for sale? For one, they attract buyers worldwide, especially those interested in luxury properties. As an agent affiliated with Sotheby’s, Claire O’Connor knows firsthand how to market and sell local homes. Spanning 79 countries and territories, theirs is the only truly global real estate brand.

Besides working with a prestigious brand, Claire has a stellar local reputation built on personality and results. As a seller, there are several things you can do before and during the selling process that can set you up for a faster and more profitable sale. Let’s review several best practices so you can have your best shot at selling quickly.

They set a price that garners attention

One of Claire’s cornerstone beliefs is that every sale is different. There are many routes she can take for a successful sale, and which one you choose depends on your priorities. For instance, if you need to sell fast, she might price your home lower and quickly escalate bids, focusing on buyers with fewer demands.

Effectively pricing a home isn’t just about increasing your profits — it’s also a marketing tool. Your home’s listing price determines who sees your home when they search online. It also impacts each buyer’s interest in seeing your home in person.

As you start thinking about the best listing price for your home, it’s helpful to run a comparative market analysis (CMA) that helps you better understand your home’s appraised value. Once you have this information, you can start considering pricing your home in a way that stands out.

They know what upgrades will appeal to potential buyers

In Claire’s experience, it’s common for sellers to perform a few minor upgrades to their home before putting it on the market. The key here is to be selective and choose improvements likely to yield a positive return on investment (ROI).

In other words, don’t just choose upgrades that seem easy or exciting. Claire will provide you with accurate recommendations based on solid research. She takes time to learn what buyers are looking for when they shop for similar homes in your area (two examples are outdoor living areas and high energy efficiency).

They choose the best time of year to sell

Most sellers will simply put their home on the market when it’s convenient. If you list in spring or summer, as most sellers do, your sale will attract buyers whose children are out of school or who have just received their tax refund. Further, most agents agree Thursday afternoon is the best time to list a home for sale. But conventional wisdom can only take you so far.

When listing a luxury property, proper timing removes an element of uncertainty from your sale. Timely execution extends beyond picking the correct month to list your house. Like a corporate project manager, an organized agent will break down your home sale into phases, as outlined in our online seller's guide. Claire will adjust your sale schedule to reflect your priorities, whether your goal is maximum profit, a fast sale, or some combination thereof.

They build a strong marketing plan

Claire believes every home requires a different marketing strategy. In other words, there exists a marketing strategy that is perfect for advertising your home. You can have the best house in town and still struggle to generate interest if you don’t know how to market properly. Marketing helps you connect with potential buyers in a way that catches their attention and motivates them to come and see the home in person.

An effective marketing campaign may include social media, agent-to-agent referrals, SEO advertising, and a for-sale sign on your front lawn. As your real estate agent, Claire will create a compelling online listing (after you’ve professionally staged and photographed your home) and post your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Often an open house is the final puzzle piece to your sale.

They properly evaluate and accept offers

Usually, the first offer won’t end up as the one you accept. When buyers submit opening bids on your home, they hope you’ll accept without negotiating. An expert negotiator, Claire will handle the offer-counteroffer exchange. If an offer seems too good to be true, she’ll thoroughly vet the buyer and review the fine print (including the deposit amount, down payment, buyer financing, inspection rights, repair allowances, contingencies, settlement date, and all closing fees). Ultimately, it’s your decision whether to accept the offer Claire recommends.

The closing process is another one of Claire’s metiers. She will present you with a checklist of what needs to be done before the title changes hands. Standard procedure involves a home inspection, survey, and appraisal. You might also be on the hook for repairs as part of the contract. Claire will give you an accurate due date and complete all list items in a timely fashion. That way, you can focus on moving yourself and your family out of the house.

They work with an experienced real estate agent

One of the benefits of working with an experienced real estate agent is that you leverage their area connections. The best agents are results-oriented and have the intangible qualities necessary to make your sale efficient and enjoyable. Before you choose an agent to work with, review their testimonials for a sense of how they operate.

Claire O'Connor is a skilled Santa Monica real estate agent with plenty of experience helping clients prepare their homes to stand out on the market for Pacific Palisades homes for sale. If you’re buying and selling simultaneously, Claire knows what to look for in your home search. She can recommend everything from what neighborhood suits your lifestyle to the best sushi place to meet up.

Working with Sotheby’s, Claire combines international prestige with highly local expertise to get the absolute most out of your sale. She has a keen awareness of what buyers are looking for when they shop for homes, and she will help you position your property in a way that stands out. Reach out to Claire if you have more questions about selling your home or are ready to take the next step.

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